The centre-point of Island Seafoods product development strategy is quality. This is acknowledged through our many longstanding relationships with customers, we adapt and work together to ensure a high standard product is delivered. We guarantee that our fish is taken off boats in Killybegs Port, hand picked by our Quality Manager, filleted and smoked by hand, flavoured with ingredients that appeal to the modern consumer. We hand pick the fish with the highest fat content (16-22%) giving you the best possible omega 3 content. Not only does this high omega content deliver nutrition wise but you also get a superior more moist product full of flavour.

Working with Quality Fishermen is a key aspect to getting this right with each batch of fish graded and processed under the strictest of circumstances so that we can ensure the best product for our customers. We continue to strive for perfection in every aspect of our business with quality management been a key factor in achieving this high standard. Our customers have been and continue to be huge participants in our success story.


What you think….

Zamek-Meinhardt Seafood-Service GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

“Our long term business partnership is based on your reliability, your ongoing innovative product development and your high standard quality product range. We are proud working together supplying the German market and we are looking forward to continue our way together with you!”

Marine Food’s B.V, Holland

“Island Seafoods & Marine Foods..Almost 25 years in business! 25 years of loyalty, reliability and friendly service! Islands Seafoods, Our seafood partner in Ireland.”