In 2007 we commissioned our Hydro electric power plant which produces 65% of our electricity insuring the sustainability of our plant.  We use the water from a dam above the factory to generate the turbine on our site.  With this electricity production we save 350 Tonnes of green house gases per year. Environmental issues are of great importance to our company and we constantly thrive to update our factory premises to reduce our carbon footprint. 

We are now in the process of building a wind generated power plant making us completely independent from the electricity grid and further reduce our carbon emissions. Island Seafoods will be installing a Vestas V39 500kw wind turbine for the provision of electricity to the factory premises and also to export the excess to the grid under MEC.  The feasibility study was undertaken throughout 2014 and the results show 6.8 wind speed result and a reduction of 706t of CO2 emissions yearly. This would in general offset a great deal of the 1.1Gwh used by the blasts and coldstore each year at the premises and further help Island Seafoods to become independent from the national grid. This is not only a huge step for our company but a step closer to a cleaner future.

In 1996 we built a state of the art effluent water treatment plant to treat the waste water from our premises. Click here to read more

Fishing Environment:

BIM (Bord IascaighMhara) provides a ‘certification of best practise’ to those who handle Irish fish, from the time of capture to the point of sale. To avail of this certificate fish handler’s off-shore and on-shore have to abide by a platform of practices which BIM has set out. This is regulated by a yearly audit. Island Seafoods was the first company in Ireland to receive this Standard. This certification involves sourcing fish from responsibly sourced standard providers, continuing with traditional and professional fishing activities and having an environmentally focused operation and Island Seafoods have lead the way for other Irish processing companies to do this. 

Island Seafoods have always tried to show their green ethos in whatever they do, some of the certification which they have achieved in the last number of years include Bio Suisse and European Organic certification which means that Island Seafoods are certified organic in what they do, this is certified by a rigorous audit to prove each step we take in our process only organic materials are ever used.  Island Seafoods are also MSC approved which recognise and reward sustainable fishing practices through the Marine Stewardship Council.  Every MSC fishery has to demonstrate that it maintains sustainable fish stocks, minimises environmental impact and is managed properly which Island Seafoods is in full compliance with.