About Us

Island Seafoods Ltd was established in 1986. It is a proud Irish Family owned and run business with a truly hands-on approach to business. Located in the popular fishing village of Killybegs, Co. Donegal, its fish is fully traceable from net to fork! Our premium healthy catch ranges from mackerel, herring, sprat and blue whiting. We strive to maximise value from our raw material and are the main pelagic processor striving to develop this area, our work mantra is “to do more with less”. New to the market is a range of Smoked Fish infused with Ginger, Chilli and Lime or Honey and Mustard under the “Atlantic Treasures” brand.

Celebrating 30 years experience in 2016 with our team of loyal staff, Island Seafoods Ltd prides itself on its personal relationships. We work closely with customers to adapt and develop products that are the perfect for their market. Inspired by the green ethics, Island Seafoods Ltd has a squeaky clean carbon footprint. We boost our own Hydro-electric plant which saves over 350 tonnes of greenhouse gases a year, ensuring the sustainability of our operations. We have been MSC certified which recognise and reward sustainable fishing and promote the environmental choice in seafood.

Island Seafoods Ltd currently supplies canners and processors in Europe, Japan, Africa, Russia and the Baltic States with our bulk core products. With our compass firmly set on new horizons, we aim to introduce smoked products to a wider market, selling domestically to stores across Ireland and also exporting to the UK, German and French markets with our “Atlantic Treasures” brand. We continue to broaden into new sectors and remain competitive through innovative means and development of unique products.